Our Story

Introduct Group was founded in April 2016, but our story really took off in May 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Just the five of us back then we grew the company and reached our first couple of customers that are still with us up to today. By December 2017, we had already doubled the team compared to when we started. With just a few customers, we were happy and fully committed.

Now, things are much bigger.


full time staff

9 companies

in 4 countries

15+ million

euro annual group turnover

1.5 million

euro group net profit

7 million

euro in liquid assets


active customers and partners

0 debt pressure

no loans or long-term obligations, financially healthy


of the group belongs to the members of management group

Some Facts


Managed Operations

Introduct owns a fully private managed tier 2 datacentre in Tallinn, Estonia with its own infrastructure. (including own telco infrastructure, communication lines, tape robots etc.)  Managed Operations solution allows Introduct to offer end-to-end managed operations excellency to its customers.



Introduct owns its own private 24/7 call centre for customer and user support with customer support agents on 12-hour shifts in Tallinn, Estonia. 10 people are serving round-a-clock shifts there.


Customer Loyalty

Introduct invests a lot of effort in customer retention: most of the customers come and stay with Introduct for years. Throughout its 8 year history, Introduct has seen only a handful of customer departures, yet each instance has left a lasting impact on the company, underscoring the significance of every lost customer. Every single customer is personal for us, so our retention rate is extremely high.


Tech Investment Powerhouse

Introduct owns IGF (Impulse Generator Fund), a private investment fund (PE) investing into emerging technology and businesses through sweat capital investments. The current PE portfolio is not so big (4 companies to date), but IGF is constantly on the look out for new investment opportunities.. IGF has ongoing strategic partnerships with major capital funds and is co-investing with them.


Introduct Academy

Introduct runs an internal academy, known as Introduct Academy, which specializes in switching technology and customer specific stack training for Introduct employees. Introduct Academy has leaders preparing both staff for its own internal needs and Introduct customers, with a solid, market-fit proven model. This training is provided as a separate service for our customers.


Debt-Free Success

Throughout its 7-year history, Introduct has been cash-positive from day one, always operating on its own funds and funding its own development. Introduct has never borrowed any money. We had our ups and downs throughout the time, but we never accumulated debt, this has been a rule of thumb from day one.

Our guiding principles

Originating from Estonia, we have astutely established our main operations in Kyiv. Our expansive global footprint, with offices and leaders in multiple countries, underscores our commitment to client engagement and our adaptability to shifting market dynamics.


Growth & diversity

Our consistent growth is a reflection of our strategic vision and adaptability. The strength of Introduct lies in our diverse, multinational team, a confluence of varied skills pivotal to our success. Here are some statistics:

  • Total 117 employees: Male: 79.41% (93 people) Female 20.59% (24 people);
  • Board of Directory and our leaders: Male: 50% (2 people) Female 50% (2 people);
  • Nations: minimum 7 (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova, Estonia, Kazakhstan);
  • Languages: minimum 8  (English, Estonian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian, Georgian, Azerbaijani, Arabic).



Trust & expertise

At Introduct, responsibility transcends mere commitment—it’s an operational ethos. Our unwavering trust in our specialists ensures that our clients benefit from well-informed, expert solutions.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the distinguished clientele we serve. Our customers, spanning varied geographies and sectors, range from nascent startups with talented leaders to established enterprises and from governmental bodies to non-profit organizations. Each client, irrespective of their domain or scale, benefits from our in-depth technological expertise.


Innovation & resilience

We prioritise actionable innovation, approaching challenges with a balanced, solutions-focused perspective, and adeptly handling complexities.

Impulse Generator Fund (IGF) in cooperation with Introduct have had a startup in their portfolio: Marine Digital (now – a maritime data management system for cargo fleet operators. Their solutions optimise the voyage of the vessel in order to reduce GHG emissions into the atmosphere.

Our Geography