our clients and their insights on collaborating with Introduct Group


“Introduct was able to quickly put together two teams of highly competent developers for us. The developers have been loyal and dedicated 100 % to us. This solved our resource needs. We know that when we need to scale up with quality, Introduct can help us. I also appreciate their transparent operating model.”

Chief Technology Officer Jan Roos

“We’ve been using the software development services of Introduct for almost two years, and throughout that time the Introduct team – both engineers and management – proved to be very reliable, flexible, and knowledgeable partners. Since we’re utilizing the resource augmentation model to add Introduct engineers to our existing software development teams, it was very important for us to select not only technical but also on social and communication skills.  Introduct has been able to provide great candidates that matched and even exceeded our expectations.”

Head of Engineering Max Sokolov

Before working with Introduct, we had a serious problem with our SaaS product development quality. Introduct came to our rescue and found us a very competent developer who was the backbone of our technical team for 3 years. With the support of Introduct and the developer we hired, we got truly professional software that is still running flawlessly 1.5 years after the end of active development and still generating steady revenue for us. So we would recommend Introduct to others.

Founder – Creatomus Solutions Renee Puusepp

We’ve greatly benefited from our partnership with Introduct. Their expertise in providing engineers skilled in Flutter and Elixir has significantly enhanced our project outcomes. Additionally, the training base program they offer at Introduct Academy, which transitions engineers from various programming languages to Elixir or other languages, is both innovative and effective.

Our success can be largely attributed to the contributions made by Introduct. We look forward to a continued and fruitful association and we are happy to one of the Introducts customers.

Chief Engineer Margus Lamp

At Introduct Group

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the distinguished clientele we serve. Our customers, spanning varied geographies and sectors, range from nascent startups to established enterprises and from governmental bodies to non-profit organizations. Each client, irrespective of their domain or scale, benefits from our in-depth technological expertise.


With a strategic presence from Tallinn to Dubai and beyond, we possess a nuanced understanding of the distinct challenges and opportunities inherent to each market. This global insight, combined with our dedication to best-in-class service and products, has cultivated enduring partnerships and collaborative growth. Whether operating within fintech, entertainment, logistics, or any sector within our purview, our clients trust Introduct Group for consistent excellence and impactful results.