Introduct Sponsors Estonian Ballet performances in Kyiv

In 2020, Introduct proudly sponsored the Estonian Vanemuine Ballet to complete a visit with multiple shows in Kiev, Ukraine, showcasing our commitment to supporting cultural exchange and artistic endeavors. As a patron of the arts, we recognize the importance of fostering international collaboration and providing platforms for talented performers to share their craft with diverse audiences. Our sponsorship of the Estonian Ballet’s tour to Kiev not only helped promote Estonian culture abroad but also strengthened diplomatic and cultural ties between Estonia and Ukraine.


Supporting Young Estonian Golfers

Furthermore, our company has extended its support beyond the realms of culture to nurture young talent in sports. In Estonia, from 2023 we have sponsored junior golfers from Estonian Golf and Country Academy, enabling them to participate in tournaments and competitions abroad, such as the Faldo Signature series events and Women France Open. By investing in the development of young athletes, we aim to promote healthy lifestyles, sportsmanship, and international exchange among youth.


5-Year Sponsorship of Men’s Hockey Team

In addition to our support for the arts and sports at the junior level, our company is proud to have sponsored semi-professional men’s hockey team for last 5 years, further demonstrating our commitment to promoting athletic excellence and community engagement.

Our sponsorship of sports in Estonia reflects our belief in the power of sports to unite communities and inspire individuals to achieve their full potential. Through these sponsorships, we provide athletes with opportunities to gain valuable experience, compete on international stages, and represent their country with pride.


At our core, we value diversity, excellence, and collaboration, and our support for both the Estonian Opera and junior golfers exemplifies our commitment to these principles. Whether through cultural initiatives or sports sponsorships, we remain dedicated to making meaningful contributions to the communities we serve, fostering connections across borders, and empowering individuals to pursue their passions and dreams.