At Introduct, our commitment to fostering robust investor relations is unwavering. As a privately owned company with a tightly-knit ownership group, we approach all investor engagements with discernment, recognizing the significant impact that strategic partnerships can have on the growth and success of Introduct Group. We highly value the potential synergies that can be forged through collaborative efforts and welcome all and any interested parties to initiate the review and communication process by presenting their investment offers to us. Your interest in supporting Introduct’s continued growth is not just acknowledged but always genuinely appreciated.

We extend an open invitation to prospective investors to connect with us at any time. Let us explore together how we can forge a amazing partnership that leads to mutual success and long-term value creation.

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Exciting opportunities abound as we proudly announce our collaboration with the Impulse Generator Fund (IGF Fund) on a diverse range of dynamic startup projects. For those eager to participate in driving innovation and supporting transformative initiatives, becoming an investor in projects supported by Introduct is a compelling prospect.

The IGF Fund is actively engaged with the startups that Introduct supports, playing a pivotal role in their development and success. Impulse Generator Fund (IGF) in cooperation with Introduct have had a startup in their portfolio: (previously Marine Digital) – a digital platform for monitoring and optimisation of the vessel fuel consumption and so many others! To express your interest and gather more information, we encourage you to visit their website at

Your investment has the potential to act as a catalyst for transformative changes within the tech ecosystem. We eagerly anticipate the prospect of partnering with you in our shared mission to drive innovation, foster growth, and contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of technology. Together, we can create lasting impact and unlock new possibilities for the future.

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