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ai crisis
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The development of artificial intelligence has brought many innovations to our world and many areas of people’s lives. But is this really the case? Today, there are many controversial questions about AI. Recently, many potentially unstable moments have been discovered in relation to its work in different industries. Inefficient financial management, exaggerated expectations of AI, and possible options for further development are some of the key issues. Let’s take a look at the development of artificial intelligence in recent years. The examples will allow us to see if the bubble is really bursting.

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Probably, every developer thought about their maximum productivity and creativity if they weren’t so busy with their repetitive tasks and complex infrastructures. Today, the only way to stay ahead is efficient software development, so developers can focus mainly on innovations and development. The thing that can help in reaching this height is platform engineering.

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As AI continues to develop and make our lives better and easier, Google recently announced the launch of Med-Gemini, an AI model designed specifically for the Medical field and needs. This model can make diagnostics more accurate and efficient, making this step a big one in AI integration into medicine.

RPA and AI
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What if we told you that all your repetitive tasks that take all your workday can be done by robots, so you could focus only on creative and important tasks? Would you believe this? If you think that it’s something that’s in the far future, you’re not right. The future is already here and it’s called Robotic Process Automation. RPA can eliminate all your routine tasks while managing a business. It automates all the boring, repetitive tasks and enhances efficiency. But what exactly is RPA, and how does it work? In today’s article, you’re going to find out more about RPA and the ways it is used.

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Every day brings something new to the world of tech. New technologies, breakthroughs and things we couldn’t imagine and imagine just several years ago! Nowadays, we step into the future of quantum computing, where atoms perform acrobatics and data dances to a new tune. Quantum computing represents not just a tech upgrade. It’s the world with weird and wonderful laws of quantum mechanics.

edge computing
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Edge computing – you may have heard of it, but not everyone has thought about its real purpose and meaning. In our fast-changing world, especially in web development, staying afloat means exploring new technologies and revolutionary changes. Edge computing is a radical shift in web development that reduces latency and improves application performance, allowing applications to run faster. The result is efficiency and reliability. In our latest blog post, we’ll discuss Edge computing, its definition, purpose, and role in modern web development.