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Barcelona will be the host city for Clarion Gaming’s ICE and iGB Affiliate conferences from 2025 Introduct team was in London to see that ICE and iGB Affiliate had showcased a record 811 exhibitors from 76 nations and occupied close to 60,000 sqm of net space at ExCeL London! From sports betting to iGaming, to […]

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We as a company constantly working on our marketing and our marking team is  navigating the ever-evolving landscape, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) might be sparking questions about the future of marketing team and it’s role in the company.

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The SEC recently faced a major breach on its social media account, X, causing chaos in the crypto world. What happened? An unknown intruder hacked in, spreading false news about Bitcoin exchange-traded funds approval, leading to a 2.5% spike in prices! This incident is a big reminder of the need for that extra layer to your cybersecurity plan.

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GPT enthusiast? We can totally relate! Preparing for our Introduct Academy we have been trying to rely on chatGPT while teaching our new comers. It’s a tool for testing simple development tasks, a temporary replacement for busy instructors. Sounds like a lifesaver right?

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Hey, fellow Estonians and e-residents! Nothing “fun” to share but still very useful – let’s chat about accounting and VAT in particular. So, buckle up for a quick ride on the upcoming VAT changes hitting us from January 1, 2024.

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In the fast-paced world of tech startups, safeguarding digital assets is a top priority. Startups need a robust VPN- obviously! It’s not just about encrypting intellectual gems and customer secrets. With remote work as the new normal, a trusty VPN ensures data security and keeps dispersed teams seamlessly collaborating. In a cyber world, startups often wear the “easy target” sign. A VPN acts as extra armor, hiding the startup’s IP address and giving cyber baddies a run for their money.