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Impulse Generator Fund newest addition!

Closer look at Marine Digital and Impulse Generator Fund

Impulse Generator Fund (IGF) in cooperation with Introduct has a new startup in their portfolio: Marine Digital – a maritime data management system for cargo fleet operators. 

The first implementation sprint took place last year and Introduct is closely following their journey.
Ivan L. from Marine Digital explained more about how it has been since joining our Impulse Generator Fund:

“We have just implemented our first complex system for non-invasive data acquisition and began our expansion to South-East Asia.”

Impulse Generator Fund is a form of venture capital funding that provides startup companies and early-stage businesses with technical expertise and strong international development support to fast-track their market entry. In other words, IGF allows startups to get off the ground by materialising their MVP and accelerating time to market.  IGF Fund is actively involved in the startups that Introduct supports and participates in from technical perspective. For more information and to express your interest, please visit the website:

Update! As of 2024 Marine Digital already had a Fresh Start: “This year began with a strategic pause, leading to a comprehensive restructuring and the launch of something truly revolutionary. Introducing PerfoMax: Marine Digital has proudly launched their platform offshore module onboard the client’s fleet in Malaysia. Witnessing the genuine satisfaction of their clients reminds us all daily of our passion and purpose in this industry.” You can view updated news on this project HERE.