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Welcome to Introduct Group, your premier international integrated technology partner. With a diverse portfolio of services and products, we are at the forefront of driving innovation and digital transformation across industries. Our global reach allows us to provide tailored software solutions that address specific business requirements.
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Driving change throughout various industries

Smart government


Streamline supply chains and optimize inventory management with our cutting-edge IT solutions. We ensure real-time tracking, predictive analytics, and seamless operations. An example to share:

Kuehne-Nagel AG is one of the world’s top-3 integrated logistics and freight forwarding companies. Among others, Kuehne-Nagel is responsible for delivery and distribution of Apple Inc. products worldwide. Introduct has participated in development of an integrated air cargo freight forwarding platform for Kuehne-Nagel and integrated it with Apple Inc. systems. The system has been recognized as one of the best IT developments of Kuehne-Nagel in 2019.


Tech-driven solutions


Drive efficiency in transit with our tailored solutions. From fleet management to route optimization, we’ve got it covered. An example to share:

TURNIT– end-to-end SaaS platform for managing routes, inventory, pricing, reservations and distribution for ground transport (rail and bus industry).

Tailored solutions

Smart government

Revolutionize governance with our tech-driven solutions. We facilitate e-governance, data management, and public service optimization. An example to share:

SMART CITY Solutions based on computer vision. Various systems, based on computer vision technology and real time image processing have been delivered by Introduct for various entities of the Latvian government.

Digital integrator


Secure transactions, optimize customer experiences, and manage assets with our comprehensive banking IT solutions. An example to share:


The integrated system, enables the Tax Authority to manage VAT taxation for 2024 Personal Income Tax (PIT). The solution covers all aspects of taxation issues, starting from tax management solutions, self-service portals for taxpayers, automatic analysis systems for tax behaviour patterns (auto-scoring solutions), fining and notifications systems. The TMS is closely integrated with various other electronic registries of the Sultanate. PIT preparations are actively ongoing in the system, and Introduct takes significant part in those.


Technical collaboration


Complex solutions, prolific customer experiences, and advanced mathematics and more with our comprehensive banking IT solutions. An example to share:

SALVA Insurance – with over 4 years of cooperation, Introduct hosts, maintains and operates on a 2-hour RTO SLA for all Salva Kindlustus insurance systems on 24/7 basis. Introduct has developed insurance packages and takes care of Salva’s cloud solutions. As insurance market is tightly regulated in Estonia, Introduct is bound to regulatory obligations on maintaining the systems up- and-running 24/7 under strict uptime and integrity requirements.

Technology partner


Stay ahead in the rapidly evolving fintech landscape with our innovative solutions. As your technology partner, we  ensure secure transactions, seamless integrations, and a user-centric approach. An example to share:

FundVest is a startup that allows ordinary users to buy / sell stocks and derivatives (including futures, options, etc.) with a few taps in a mobile application. One of the main features is auto- investment, which allows the user to buy additional shares on a monthly basis, depending on the investment plan.

Tech assistance


Elevate user experiences with our entertainment IT solutions. From content streaming to virtual reality, we ensure immersive and uninterrupted experiences. An example to share:

ENLAB’s Optibet flagship brand spanning Baltic Sea region is our oldest and valued customer. Introduct has built ENLAB’s core gaming platform, sportsbook and handling of all integrations from CRM to Bonus Engines.

We can also name a few Entains gaming brands like Nutz, Boost, Klondaika and Finnplay!

Innovation Partner

Industry acknowledgement

industry membership

IT Ukraine Association

Since 2019 is Introduct Group a member of IT Ukraine Association. Which unites the interests of business, the state and international partners for the development of the IT industry in Ukraine. Together with it´s members, IT clusters and partners, they protect the interests of business and promote the brand of Ukraine as a leading technological nation.

industry membership

Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (ITL)

Since 2023 is Introduct Group a member of Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (officially abbreviated as ITL) . ITL is a voluntary organization, whose primary objective is to unite the Estonian information technology and telecommunications companies and organizations, to promote their co-operation in Estonia’s development towards information society, to represent and protect the interests of its member companies and to express their common positions.


Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Since 2023 is Introduct Group a member of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. They provide practical services for the Estonian companies and help foreign companies to find members who are the powerhouses, elite and engines for turnover and export in Estonia.



Since 2023 Introduct Group has been a member of Diia City.

Diia.City provides a unique tax and legal space for IT business making it easier and less expensive to manage and operate your business.

Diia.City enables you to run your business openly, profitably, and conveniently. They have combined favourable tax conditions with effective tools that allow companies to build a transparent corporate structure, attract foreign investment more easily, and use additional mechanisms to protect intangible assets.


Moldova IT Park

Since 2019 Introduct Group has been a member of Moldova IT Park (MITP).

Moldova Innovation Technologies Park’s mission is to act as a catalyst for investment in the IT sector by promoting flexible government policy, nurturing an environment conducive to ICT innovation and digitally transformed economy through a strong IT sector that can unlock opportunities. MITP increases the regional competitiveness of the Moldovan IT sector by significantly reducing the tax burden, facilitating immigration documentation of expats, reducing bureaucratic barriers, and, of course, the virtual presence.

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