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Exciting new beginnings – go team Ridango!

Introduct has started a new software development project backed up a full-sized scrum team for world famous mobility technology group Ridango. Basically, the goal of this project is to speed up generation of more features within existing customer code base. In addition, team is ready for any software development tasks outside of original scope of work. 

Ridango is a global mobility technology group, with a focus on automated fare collection (AFC), payments (cEMV) and real-time information systems. Ridango offers solutions such as Demand-Responsive Transport (DRT). DRT solution will noticeably improve the quality of life for people whose mobility needs are currently unmet by providing flexibility and accessibility, while allowing transport service providers to operate with maximum efficiency.

Account-based ticketing (ABT) is a fare-collection system where information about the right to travel is held in a back-office in the form of a digital account. Travelers can use various light media (NFC cards with tokens only, QR codes) to unlock the account for use in a vehicle. This approach gives travelers many benefits, including the possibility to pay for their trips in a modern and comfortable way. For operators, such a system means lower setup and operational costs, compared to card-based ticketing solutions where travel cards need constant reprogramming. 

Ridango has successfully executed projects around the world, the product portfolio includes a leading transit management system (incl. CAD / AVL ) and a world-class ETA prediction engine.

This mobility technology group was established in 2009 in Tallinn. Ridango best-in-class solutions are being used by more than 120 public transport authorities and the group operates systems in more than 26 countries around the globe.