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Salva insurance phase 2 projects have successfully launched!

During Introduct’s recent project completions, the development team successfully enhanced the self-service environment of the insurance company Salva by introducing multiple packages, like real estate, traffic and accident insurance. As a new addition, the team also completed a brand new offering: the Salva Money package. Of course, you need to take care of your own. Salva Money allows private customers earn bonus money translating in discounts on various insurance packages. The more policies you take out, the more Salva money you get.

Salva Kindlustus AS is an Estonian-owned insurance company established in 1993, offering the most common non-life insurance products to private and business clients via our 16 representative offices and sales facilities across Estonia and the state-of-art e-channel. Salva’s portfolio includes all the most common non-life insurance products. The major products include: voluntary land vehicle insurance, motor TPL insurance, travel insurance, accident insurance, property insurance and liability insurance.

Any Special Insurance Packages?

Salva even has Golf insurance! Imagine that! To members of the Estonian Golf Associationthey offer insurance that will help you better cope with golf-related surprises and incidents. The prerequisite for the insurance cover is the payment of the membership fee of your home club. Incidents that occur while playing on official golf courses (except in the US and Canada) are covered. If you hit Hole in One on an official golf course in any country, at a tournament or in the presence of other players, and this fact was registered with the club, you will be refunded for drinks purchased on the same day in the official bar or restaurant of the club, in the amount of up to 500 euros.

Introduct is proud of the development and engineering teams and appreciates their long-time cooperation with Salva!