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Elevating University of Tartu’s Data Management Standards: LiTech Data Observability platform

The University of Tartu has implemented a significant milestone by adopting a data observability LiTech platform. The LiTech platform was partly created in partnership with Introduct and IGF. Adopted by the University of Tartu, it has maintained its data management capabilities, ensuring precision and reliability in its databases.

As a progressive IT company, Introduct is glad to share that we played an important role in developing this project. Additionally, our developers brought expertise in Back-End and software development. This partnership shows our dedication to excellence in data-driven practices and our willingness to develop and expand. 

LiTech Data Observability Platform Capabilities:

  • verifies data rules;
  • conducts an in-depth analysis of profile data to identify any deviations;
  • promptly notifies users of potential data issues;
  • offers a comprehensive data catalog for a consolidated view of available data assets;
  • define terms and establish relationships among attributes.

By leveraging the platform, the University of Tartu sets a new standard in data management practices, fostering efficiency and reliability in academic operations. Moreover, the University of Tartu platform adoption represents the successful fusion of collaborative innovation and academic excellence, showcasing the transformative impact of partnerships in driving progress.

Raiko Limmart, Co-founder and CEO of LiTech, shared his excitement about the University of Tartu adopting their solution. Moreover, he mentioned that teaming up with educational institutions is a big step for LiTech, showing that using data for decisions is becoming common for all organizations, not just big companies.

In partnership with Introduct and IGF, LiTech continues to pioneer advancements in data management, empowering institutions like the University of Tartu to thrive in the digital age.