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Joint software development with Turnit leads to exiting launch news from Sweden

Introduct is happy to be part of joint software development project with Turnit. Turnit and Samtrafiken just have proudly announced the successful launch of the Swedish National Distribution System (NDS), a digital infrastructure service aimed at modernizing the Swedish mass transit market. Built on the OSDM-online standard, NDS simplifies ticket sales and enhances cross-selling opportunities for operators, providing passengers with a seamless booking experience.

Turnit Hub, joint software development project with Introduct, serves as the technological backbone of the NDS, facilitating cross-selling of tickets from over 50 operators, including SJ, Vy Group, Arlanda Express, and more. Operators like Vy Tag are adopting the OSDM-native Turnit Ride platform to join the NDS, ensuring compliance with OSDM-online standards.

Ülo Säre, Turnit CEO, highlighted the challenges of the two-year project but emphasized successful navigation through collaboration, leadership, and agility. Gerhard Wennerström, CEO of Samtrafiken, expressed gratitude for Turnit’s commitment to OSDM-online, crucial for mobility futures.

The NDS is set to process tickets for approximately 50 rail and bus operators, including 21 regional Public Transport Authorities, handling over 2 billion SEK in annual ticket sales. This initiative marks a significant step in enabling growth and sustainability in Sweden’s public transport sector.

Turnit, a leading travel tech company, provides mission-critical distribution and reservation software technology tailored for the passenger transport industry. Turnit Ride, their end-to-end SaaS platform, processes over 40 million passenger segments annually and serves over 50 global mobility leaders.

Samtrafiken, a collaboration and development company in the public transport industry, connects public transport authorities and operators in Sweden, enhancing the overall public transport experience. Their services promote sustainable travel and generate additional revenue for their stakeholders, contributing to the advancement of public transport in Sweden.