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Introduct Academy is rolling out 2024 course! 

Beginning in February, a group of 36 motivated students will begin a 12-month long course to deep dive into a programming language and supporting skills. The Application period for our Academy is currently open to learn Elixir/Erlang programming language. In addition, the students will learn soft skills to help them in the corporate world and improve their English. The study base will be in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

The objective of the academy is to have 12 trained proficient middle+ level engineers in 12 months.
The training itself will be based fully on customer stack and customer codebase. The decision-making of who to accept into the academy and who will be able to graduate is done decided by a colloquium of trainers and customer representative.


The course consists of 3 streams:

  • Technology
  • Soft skills
  • English level B2

The Academy curriculums offered are:

  • Erlang / Elixir / Phoenix full stack course – open for applications, starting in February 2024. 
  • Fullstack Javascript course (Node.JS backend + React.JS frontend) – reached full capacity, starting in January 2024. 

The course is aimed to be as close to real life development tasks as possible, meaning at least 2 customer specific stacks (including learning the customer codebase, learning the customer approaches and learning the customer products).


To sum it up, anticipated 15-20% of the trainees will complete the program before the official deadline and will be available for customer placement already in the end of the program. The transition from graduate to full-time work follows a specific process and will offer the security for the students to have a guaranteed work placement after the end of the program. 

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