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Update – Marine Digital is rebranding!

Closer look at Marine Digital 

Impulse Generator Fund (IGF) in cooperation with Introduct have had a startup in their portfolio: Marine Digital (now – a maritime data management system for cargo fleet operators. 

Lets have a look on some snippets of news from Ivan, Founder of Marine Digital, shared on LinkedIn regarding some new projects!

“🌟 A Fresh Start: This year began with a strategic pause, leading to a comprehensive restructuring and the launch of #something truly revolutionary.

🚀 Introducing PerfoMax: We’ve proudly launched our #platform offshore module onboard the client’s fleet in Malaysia. Witnessing the genuine satisfaction of our clients reminds me daily of my passion and purpose in this #industry.

🔧 Innovating Vessel Operations: We’re redefining maritime operations with our cloud AI solution, complemented by optional #hardware#digitaltwin and #industrial#wireless network. This comprehensive system spans the entire #vessel and can be installed in less than a day. The result? Double-digit #optimization for offshore #fleets, effective #fueltheft prevention, and enhanced performance monitoring.


🤝 Enhancing through Partnerships: Collaborating with Capt. Shabbir Hashmi and Nautica Offshore has enabled us to craft essential tools for #offshore fleet management in the #MENA and #APAC regions. With Alina Rozanova 🇺🇦 and Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI Park) we are working on the #UAE market collaborations to be announced soon.

🌍 Expanding Horizons: We’re thrilled to announce our deal with the Estonian/Ukrainian Impulse Generator Fund! A significant support in our market expansion. Vitali Korniltsev thanks for your support! Plus, keep an eye out for more exciting news later this week! We have some updates from the #Mediterraneansea region! 😉”

“New #offshore #vessels boarded and the #technology of 6 hours #hardware#digitaltwin once again worked out great. Fully remote installation went fine which is a good point for me as a #founder – I don’t need to be everywhere. It doesn’t mean that I can chill, but rather there are new more complex challenges on the way – to work with #LATAM, #MENA, and #APAC time zones at once for example.”

We are happy to see Marine Digital thrive!

Keep up the great work!