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Final steps in adopting Board of Directors structure completed by Introduct

Final steps completed today for the following announcement regarding changes in the Introduct company structure goes public. Please read the message from the CEO of the company, Viktor Larionov:

Dear All,

It is my utmost honor today, to announce, that we are changing the way, how Introduct Group, as a whole will be managed, going forward with these final steps:

As of March 1, Introduct Group is forming a fully functional 2-tier management system across all of our locations, countries and units.

  • On the top tier of the management, a board of directors is introduced, consisting of 4 directors (more info available on company website), each with their respective directorate, and a chairman of the board. Directors report directly to the chairman of the board.
  • On the middle tier of the management, each directorate, consists of several departments, with their respective department heads. Department heads report directly, to the respective director.
  • Depending on the department, a third level may be introduced, courtesy of the respective department head, based on actual needs and requirements within the department and agreements with the respective director.
  • From today Introduct also gains Director of Engineering through promotion of Denys Yelenok to this challenging but exciting role. Denys has a proven record as a developer and team lead and entrusting him the rains in the development department feel natural to us.

Thank you for you time and we hope our efforts in this endeavor will lead to even brighter future for Introduct!