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Watch out for SISU Group!

In the realm of Estonian startups, Sisu Group is turning heads with its fresh take on iGaming platforms. Today news from reached Introduct and we are happy to see our customer Sisu Group in top 10 Estonian Startups for 2024! Exciting times for us, as we’ve been on the ride with Sisu for over half a year now, and it’s been nothing short of amazing! Let’s give a shout-out to this rising star making waves in the industry.

So, established in 2022, Sisu Group is all about those 100% cloud-based, scalable iGaming platforms. And guess what? They’ve raised €14 million, proving that they’re onto something big. At Introduct, we’re stoked to see our customer at Sisu making strides and getting the recognition they deserve.

Additionally, just a few weeks ago we posted about SISUTECH and their launch of ReSpin! Check out our Blog about it HERE!

Why is Sisu Group so special, you ask?

Sisu Group dives deep into data-driven development and owns a solid chunk of the value chain. Throw in some Business Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management, and you’ve got the perfect personalized gaming experiences that users can’t get enough of. Major props to Sisu for pushing the boundaries in the iGaming sector.

Now, let’s talk about the leaders behind Sisu. Jan Svendsen, the iGaming veteran and founder, isn’t new to the game. With successful ventures like Coolbet, NordicBet, and Triobet (total exit value: €240M+), Svendsen is steering the Sisu ship towards success. Whereas the Sisu team, a team of 24 industry pros with a whopping 200+ years of combined experience, is the real deal in building top-notch software from scratch.

To sum it up, the Estonian startup scene keeps evolving, Introduct is pumped to be part of Sisu Group’s journey. Of course, we are toasting to their achievements! And massive congrats to the whole Sisu crew—keep crushing it in Estonia’s tech buzz. To conclude, we’re looking forward to more wins in the future. Go, Sisu Group!