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Former Adyen COO supports this female-founded regtech digitising payments!

Big news in the fintech world!

Rivero, the Swiss regtech wizards, just snagged a cool $7 million in Series A funding, and it’s making waves. The funding party was led by 6 Degrees Capital and Inference Partners, joined by Kraken Ventures, Seed X Liechtenstein, and the one and only Robert Kraal, who used to kick it as COO at Adyen. This fintech team is on a mission – to make payments simpler, safer, and just all-around better. 

Guess what Rivero plans to do with all that cash? Supercharge their business! They’re gearing up to conquer European markets and throw in some sweet new services for issuing banks. It’s all part of their plan to be a global player. Founders Fatemeh Nikayin and Thomas Müller, with their background in finance and cybersecurity, launched Rivero in 2019 after facing their fair share of payment headaches. 

Rivero isn’t your average fintech. They’re the first Swiss regtech to join the Visa Fintech Partner Connect program. How do they rock the boat? With SaaS magic. They’re all about simplifying payments for the big players, especially issuing banks. 

Meet Kajo – the go-to for painless payment scheme compliance. And then there’s Amiko, turning the messy world of fraud recovery and disputes into a digital dream. Banks dig it, and customers get a DIY experience. Who knew payments could be this cool? 

Thibault D’hondt from 6 Degrees Capital thinks Rivero is onto something big. They’re tackling the tough stuff – scheme compliance and payment drama – with style. Endre Sagi from Inference Partners is vibing with Rivero’s plan to shake up the payment scene. 

Müller sums it up, “Payments are all over the place right now. We’re here to change that.” Rivero’s not just a fintech, it’s a movement. And we at Introduct are always excited to see startups pushing innovative ideas!The $7 million isn’t just a pile of cash; it’s a high-five from investors who are all in on Rivero’s vision. Watch out, payments world, Rivero’s coming for you!