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ChatGPT lego? Build Your Own tool! 

ChatGPT enthusiasts, exciting news is in the air!

GPT enthusiast? We can totally relate! Preparing for our Introduct Academy we have been trying to rely on chatGPT while teaching our new comers. It’s a tool for testing simple development tasks, a temporary replacement for busy instructors. Sounds like a lifesaver right?

Starting 10th of January OpenAI is thrilled to introduce the GPT Store, your go-to destination for discovering incredible custom versions of ChatGPT. As the GPT community continues to grow, builders have crafted over 3 million unique ChatGPT versions in just two months. The creativity is amazing!  

The GPT Store is making its debut for ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise users. What’s Inside? Explore the store’s diverse offerings, including GPTs from partners and the community. Check out the community leaderboard to discover trending GPTs in categories like DALL·E, writing, research, programming, education, and lifestyle. 

OpenAI is putting the spotlight on exceptional GPTs every week! The inaugural lineup includes gems like personalized trail recommendations from AllTrails, academic paper synthesis with Consensus, coding skills expansion with Khan Academy’s Code Tutor, creative designing with Canva, literary journeys with Books, and flexible math and science tutoring through the CK-12 Flexi AI tutor. 

How Difficult Can It Be?

Creating your GPT is a breeze – no coding skills required! If you want to showcase your masterpiece in the store, head over to OpenAI webpage

Exciting news for builders in the U.S.! In Q1, OpenAI is launching the GPT builder revenue program. Get ready to earn based on user engagement with your GPTs.  

Team Up with GPT. For teams, they’ve unveiled the ChatGPT Team plan. Teams get a private section in the GPT Store, featuring GPTs securely published to your workspace. Enterprise customers, your turn is coming soon, complete with enhanced admin controls for managing internal and external GPTs within your business. And don’t worry, all your conversations with GPTs are kept private – no peeking for model improvements!