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Lisbon Web Summit 2023!

What an event!

In November 2023 we attended the tech spectacle at Web Summit in Lisbon! With over 70 thousand attendees and startups from more than 150 countries, Web Summit 2023 was a vibrant convergence of tech enthusiasts worldwide. Web Summit’s opening days featured keynotes by tech luminaries, delving into the pervasive impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in our lives and businesses. We couldn’t visit all talks, but did our best to make it to listen to Signal Foundation president Meredith Whittaker and  Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. Alibaba president Kuo Zhang shared his insights and it was a hell of a talk! 

We did go to the summit to meet the startups.

The standout of the startup competition was a Brazilian AI company Inspira. Despite fierce competition, Inspira’s AI-powered legal assistant secured the ‘Final PITCH,’ a testament to its innovation.
For us a few other startups were very interesting and left a good impression, so we will remain in contact with them in the near future. 

On the second day of the summit, Introduct’s team, including Tallinn office members 🇪🇪 , connected with the Estonian delegation at Web Summit. The giant Estonian sauna on-site provided a unique networking opportunity, engaging with representatives from e-Residency, Invest in Estonia, and Work in Estonia. The Estonian team’s sauna invitation showcased the country as an ideal destination for business and career opportunities.

Final thoughts

In conclusion Web Summit 2023 was one of a kind conference for Introduct. As the curtains closed on Web Summit 2023, Introduct is ready to translate these experiences into impactful strides within the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Let’s not forget to do some PR for Web Summit 2023 with some over the moon stats:

  • 70,236 attendees from 153 countries
  • 43% of attendees and 38% of speakers were women
  • 2,608 startups, with almost one-third founded by women
  • 321 partners on the exhibition floor
  • Over 85% hotel occupancy across Lisbon

We, were thrilled to see a positive shift in women’s representation in tech, with 43% of attendees being women, 38% of speakers being women, and almost one-third of startups founded by women. Introduct celebrates this growth and supports initiatives fostering gender equity in tech. 👩🏼‍💻