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Martins Untals and His Visionary ‘Donate to Ukraine’ Cookie Button Idea

In this blog post, we’d like to introduce you once again to Martins Untals, our esteemed Introduct senior consultant and valued team member. We’ve already written about his book “The Invisible Complexity”, covering insights into managing and overcoming the challenges often faced in large-scale IT projects. This time, we’re sharing Martins’ thought-provoking idea he recently shared in his reel on Instagram on the cookie button. His insights delve into the world of cookies and how they can drive meaningful change, especially in the light of war in Ukraine. Already interested? Then read the blog post to find out more!

Martins Untals’ Background

Martins Untals is a seasoned IT professional living in Dubai, UAE, with a career spanning over two decades. With his extensive experience, Martins frequently explores innovative concepts and shares his unique perspectives.

In a recent Instagram video, Martins discussed the European Union’s cookie laws. These laws require websites to display cookie consent panels, asking users to accept, customize, or reject cookies whenever they visit a new site. While these laws were created with good intentions, they have led to millions of people clicking the same buttons every day, often feeling it is a redundant task.

Small ideas – big changes

Martins says ‘As any large organization, the EU is slow in making big decisions, they’re slower in repealing them, largely inertia. But what about doing a little amendment to the law? So we add one more button, ‘Donate to Ukraine’ to those cookie panels. And millions of people will see it every single day and will have a chance to click it as well.’

‘Donate to Ukraine’ Cookie Button Key Points

  • Small Ideas Can Spark Change. In his reel, Martins’s trying to show that even seemingly small ideas can be thought-provoking and impactful. They have the potential to make a difference if given the chance.
  • Good Intentions and Practical Solutions. The current cookie laws were established with good intentions to protect user privacy. However, Martins proposes to change these laws a bit and add a bit of a practical solution that can drive social impact and help Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression.
  • Daily Visibility and Opportunity. By adding a ‘Donate to Ukraine’ button, the amendment would leverage the daily visibility of cookie panels, providing a great opportunity for users to support and donate to Ukraine.

Martins’ idea illustrates how small amendments to existing regulations can create meaningful change. This proposal leverages an existing mechanism—the cookie consent panels—to promote social good without disrupting the original intent of the law.

At Introduct, we’re proud to share Martins Untals’ innovative ideas. His proposal to amend the EU cookie laws with a ‘Donate to Ukraine’ button is a testament to how small changes can have a substantial impact. Introduct appreciates such small but powerful ideas and supports the willingness to donate to Ukraine.

To know more about Martins Untals’ idea, watch his reel and follow him on Instagram