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It’s not a secret that a bunch of people worldwide work online and remotely. So, due to this situation, companies began to seek for remote talent, shortly speaking outsourcing talents. Outsourcing is a great practice for companies, especially IT companies, like Introduct, which mainly outsource talents around the globe.

AI job replacement
5 minutes

The topic of AI job replacement is widely discussed nowadays, as people worldwide are worried about possible jobs loss. Moreover, the rise of artificial intelligence has significantly changed many industries, shaking up job markets and how money flows. To find the perspective and ways to stay afloat, it becomes increasingly important to understand AI’s impact […]

Improving code quality
4 minutes

When dealing with coding, one of the most important things to consider is not just functionality, but also improving code quality and maintainability! At Introduct, we emphasize not only making the code work but also the quality of the code.

4 minutes

Have you ever wondered what’s beneath successful CI/CD optimization? Central to this transformative approach is DevOps. It is a kind of philosophy that encourages collaboration, communication, and integration between developers and IT operations.

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Nowadays, technologies are developing so fast that developers are willing to find some ways to simplify the way of application development but cater to different audiences and use cases. Using low-code and no-code platforms, regular people with basic knowledge of programming can create web and mobile apps.

blockchain in cybersecurity
4 minutes

With its decentralized and secure framework, blockchain in cybersecurity is disrupting a wide range of industries. And it has its impact has spread far beyond digital currencies. In today’s world, cybersecurity has become a real concern for many industries and businesses, individuals, and governments.