Industry membership

At Introduct, we’re proud to be active members of multiple industry communities. These collaborative networks serve as invaluable platforms for exchanging insights, fostering innovation, and building meaningful connections within our respective fields. By participating in these communities, we stay at the forefront of industry trends, contribute to thought leadership discussions, and leverage collective expertise to drive positive change. Our commitment to community involvement reflects our dedication to suppporting Industry membership forums for continuous learning, collaboration, and the advancement of our industries. We’re honored to be part of these vibrant ecosystems and remain committed to making meaningful contributions that benefit our company, our peers, and the broader community.

Industry acknowledgement

industry membership

IT Ukraine Association

Since 2019 is Introduct Group a member of IT Ukraine Association. Which unites the interests of business, the state and international partners for the development of the IT industry in Ukraine. Together with it´s members, IT clusters and partners, they protect the interests of business and promote the brand of Ukraine as a leading technological nation.

industry membership

Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (ITL)

Since 2023 is Introduct Group a member of Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (officially abbreviated as ITL) . ITL is a voluntary organization, whose primary objective is to unite the Estonian information technology and telecommunications companies and organizations, to promote their co-operation in Estonia’s development towards information society, to represent and protect the interests of its member companies and to express their common positions.


Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Since 2023 is Introduct Group a member of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. They provide practical services for the Estonian companies and help foreign companies to find members who are the powerhouses, elite and engines for turnover and export in Estonia.



Since 2023 Introduct Group has been a member of Diia City

Diia.City provides a unique tax and legal space for IT business making it easier and less expensive to manage and operate your business.

Diia.City enables you to run your business openly, profitably, and conveniently. They have combined favourable tax conditions with effective tools that allow companies to build a transparent corporate structure, attract foreign investment more easily, and use additional mechanisms to protect intangible assets.

Moldova IT Park

Since 2019 Introduct Group has been a member of Moldova IT Park (MITP).

Moldova Innovation Technologies Park’s mission is to act as a catalyst for investment in the IT sector by promoting flexible government policy, nurturing an environment conducive to ICT innovation and digitally transformed economy through a strong IT sector that can unlock opportunities. MITP increases the regional competitiveness of the Moldovan IT sector by significantly reducing the tax burden by introducing a single tax of 7% of sales revenue, facilitating immigration documentation of expats, reducing bureaucratic barriers, and, of course, the virtual presence.